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Treating Back Pains Using Inversion Tables

Back pains are normal and almost every human being experience it for one or the other reason. It gets more prominent and the likelihood of experiencing back aces increases. We tend to sometime take back pains as a mild issue while in the real sense could be a result of something serious. It is therefore important to have a diagnosis from a doctor to know about your condition. Back pains can be mitigated by so many ways which include buying prescriptions, therapy, taking muscle relaxers and sometimes surgery. Inversion table is a type of physical exercise to ease back pains.

An inversion table therapy involves being upside down or in an inverted position such that your feet are hanging. All this is done with the intention of gaining therapeutic benefits. This format works against gravity and thus creating a form of relaxation with your back bone. With the inversion, the heart beats slowly causing the blood pressure to rise. For these reasons, people with high blood pressure, pregnancy, heart disease or glaucoma should not try the inversion table therapy. With these conditions, it is important that one gets the advise of a doctor.

Most people with low back pain find that inversion therapy performed on an inversion table provides relief. They find the therapy turn gravity upside down causing this natural force to decompress the spine. Blood circulation is enhanced with the fact that you are inverted.

Some people also report that inversion table therapy is a great way to stretch muscles and ligaments, reduce muscle spasms and improve blood circulation. Hanging upside down help flush some of the waste from the lymphatic system. The lymph system contains wastes moving in same direction, hanging upside down enables it to clear out the lactic acid that might cause pain.

There is always difficulty with first time trial, it is therefore important that you have someone with you incase something drastic happens. An inversion table helps to relieve back pain because it provides full spine traction.

This kind of physical therapy is suggested to patients as a measure to mitigate and avoid health issues. When applied often, one gets ease with back pains. It is a good preventative treatment for certain medical conditions.

When experiencing severe back pains however, one is recommended to seek medical attention since inversion table is not a cure. Health conditions are not things to be taken for granted, ensure that you take the right measures and receive help where necessary.