The Different Ways of Secure File Sharing Over Email

When communicating through email, it is important that the individual feels that he or she has sent their correspondence successfully while knowing that their information has been sent over a secure network. There are multiple ways to ensure secure file sharing over email.

Sending Secure Email

There are many apps and plugins that may be used to ensure the files are sent to the recipient, and also some software that will make the file temporary so that it won’t remain online for an extended period of time, making it vulnerable for people to see. Following are a list of additional ways to maintain email security.

  • Cloud. Using a cloud storage solution is an easy and convenient way to share files online. A cloud service is a service model in which the file is maintained, stored, backed up remotely while being available to users over a network. There are three types of cloud storage: public cloud, a storage service that provides a multi-user storage environment. Private cloud, on-site storage service that is a dedicated environment and protected by a firewall. Lastly, the hybrid cloud. The hybrid is a mix of private and public cloud services.
  • Password protection. This is done by encrypting the email and sending it to the recipient. The recipient must then enter a password in order to open the email.
  • Public key cryptography. Rather than having to send someone an email password, the individual can set up a ‘public key’ and ‘private key’ to decrypt them. The private key will never leave the computer but anyone can send an email by using the public key.
  • Off the record messaging (OTR). Off the record messaging is a feature that may be added to many messaging programs. The messages become encrypted before leaving the device, which allows for secure sending. There is also an option to create a security code to be sure no one around can intercept the messages.

Sending an email securely is important, especially for those who are sending sensitive or confidential information. Those who are sent without taking the steps to ensure they are secure, risk having them opened in front of the wrong set of eyes. Be sure to take the proper steps today, when sending an email to a loved one, co-worker, friend or another form of recipient.