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Tips for Picking a Marketing Referral Program

Almost no business, regardless of diversity and well-roundedness, is totally self-sufficient in terms of marketing. That’s the reason they usually rely on an external referral marketing platform. But making such an investment needs to be done with utmost care.

Below are a few things to remember when selecting referral marketing software:


Clearly, your new program has to be readily compatible with any programs you may be presently using, such as your CRMs, POS systems, and the rest.This means you can monitor a referral’s progress seamlessly via through your sales funnel and later follow up on a customer’s status. With strong integration capabilities, you are able to sustain your loyal customers as well both before and after the submission of a referral.


Your referral marketing program has to be flexible enough so that it easily conforms to the design you want and gives you complete control.Scalability will help you in define expectations from the platform in terms of speed, usability, and abilities.

Legitimate Labeling and APIs

Your referral software should be white labeled and have the suitable API capabilities, allowing you complete usage and giving you associated rights.At the same time, your API documents have to help in terms of multi-system interoperability.


Before choosing a referral system, see to it that it can be modified as per the requirements of your business. For instance, you must be able to customize notifications, template designs, etc.

Contact Organization

The ability to sort and segment your contacts is key to maintaining organized customer lists; at the same time, it also lets you target a certain kind of consumer for a certain campaign. For instance, if you’re setting your sights on your loyal customers for a new or improved referral marketing campaign that gives out more perks, your referral management system should obviously enable you to get in touch with those very customers.

Referral Analytics

Numbers alone can accurately determine the best and worst areas of your campaign and give you concrete basis for making necessary adjustments to enhance results. For example, your software must provide insights on your major influencers, best-performing channels, how many referral actions have been sent and received, and the rest. Besides data collection, your software should also allow you to generate organized and detailed reports that educate you and lead you into making sound decisions.

Dependable Customer Support

Lastly, make sure that your referral solution is supported by a strong customer service team that can address questions and concerts and resolve system issues in a timely manner.You need to put in a little time and effort to do some research, but you’ll surely thank yourself later on. Options are many, but none of them is exactly the same as the other.

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