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Having a Drug Test? Tips for a Sure Pass

As you are progressing in your career; you may get to a situation where passing a urine drug test is necessary. A court order may also lead to the need of passing the test. If you are using cannabis for recreation, or spiritual, the drug test can send you scrambling. For some cases, you may receive a notice for the test. It is possible for you to pass the test even if you are a heavy user of the bud.

The period the cannabis stays in your system is about four to seven weeks. Your frequency of smoking will determine how long it stays there. In the situations where you are smoking week regularly, and daily, then it will exceed the 45 days. If you have smoked only once or use it once in a while, it will be easy to remove it. How much you exercise and your eating habits will also determine the ease at which you get rid of the cannabis. If the food you are taking has a high percentage of fats; then it will be possible for you to have it in your blood for a longer time. The reason for this is that digesting the fats is not easy and they will attach to the artery walls. You can reduce the longevity of marijuana by eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Indulging in exercises will help you decrease the time cannabis stays in the system. It will honestly take an intensive routine workout to affect the drug test. Just by exercising, it will take you a long time to get rid of THC. The frequency of your exercise and your marijuana intake will determine how long you take. Cardiovascular exercises can be good as they will lead to sweating which releases toxins. Fresh cells of the blood will get to be pumped into your system when your heart rate is increased. Working out before you head out for the test is not advisable as at this time, toxins are present.

Your THC levels will also go down when drinking a lot of fluids. When you are looking to pass a drug test; then you should drink plenty of fluids. Just by using the fluid level on its own, you will not manage to remove all the toxins. For all the THC to be removed, you need to have a long time and a lot of liquids. It is also dangerous to take too much water.

You can also remove cannabis from your blood by having a proper diet. THC is normally stored in the fat cells. Removing the foods rich in fats from your diet can be an awesome long-term solution of cleansing your system. It will be ideal to take small meals of vegetables and fruits as the main course.

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