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What You Must Know About the Effect of Cannabis On Hormones

People have used cannabis since time immemorial mostly for recreational purposes and because of its medicinal properties. It is only recently that cannabis has come under serious scrutiny and research as scholars seek to debunk the myths associated with the use of cannabis. Of the many things being scrutinized about cannabis usage is whether or not it affects hormones in the body. It is a huge challenge trying to summarize all the research work that has gone into cannabis usage. Here is some important information to shed more light on cannabis usage and their relationship with hormones in the human body.

Studies show that the psychoactive component of cannabinoids known as THC integrates and exchanges signals with the endocannabinoid system in the human body. The fact that this THC gets configured means there is a calming counteraction of cannabidiol in the human body. The results is an intricate spread of CBD in the brain and body functions through to all organs and glands.

It is important to also keep in mind cannabis is available in different strains each having its effect on the human brain and body and ultimately defining the ratio of THC and CBD present. The method of consumption of cannabis also affects the levels and effects in the human body. Last but not least, the effect will vary greatly based on ones weight, age, gender, body type, and metabolism. In a nutshell, the mechanics of action is what determines cannabinoids effects on the hormonal levels in human beings.

After so many studies and researches, there is enough evidence pointing towards an effect on the sexual performance in both sexes. Get to read more here on the studies for example how its consumption leads to a testosterone imbalance in men.

By and large, expect to find the following information on any leading cannabis website today. Cannabis can reduce the levels of prolactin in the human body, that hormone that handles sexual satisfaction. There is also reason to believe it can delay puberty and growth in preteen boys owing to its effect on lowering testosterone levels. The girls, on the other hand, might experience a disruption on their menstrual flow as it interferes with estrogen levels. Important to always put in mind is the fact that cannabis studies are still inconclusive and most of the time they are contradictory. The reason for this is because many people will cherry-pick that which favors their belief system. By and large, consuming cannabis on an occasional to moderate basis is OK as the effects are negligible.

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