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Models Of Ford Cars

When you talk about ford then you are talking about a great quality vehicle, this has been proved, and statistics can also prove it since it has been ranked at the fifth position among the most valuable cars worldwide. First car which is the pride of America then it has also proven to be worthy and when you are looking for a car for your family it is always wise to consider choosing the first vehicle since it will be able to serve the intended purpose. First vehicle practically begun in 1903 whereby Henry Ford started it in his own home after doing various experiments concerning building of cars

After proving that he can actually make a car then he had to look for investors that will, in turn, help him out, and it is clear that after five years he was able to launch the first model which was model T. Since the first launch then Ford company has never gone to rest since they need to meet the exceeding customers expectations and as well as continue the mass production, improving the technology and always make sure that they are able to maintain their hard earned image.

The competition is always stiff and to keep up with the and the Ford company should always make sure that they are able to keep up with the stiff competition so as to remain in the market and to do this they should always go an extra mile by doing intense research on how to fully satisfy the needs of their exceeding customers. Since 1903 it is clear that Ford had been able to produce different model of good cars. When we look at the first Ford vehicles that were able to be manufactured are the ford explorer which was seen in the market back in the 1990 and the appearance of this model was more like a truck but when it came to 2011 Ford company was able to work on the appearance of the vehicle and changed it so that it can be more of a family car, and this worked best for most people since those ones that did not like the minivan had to use this ford model, and since then it has been able to attract more money from consumers.

After the ford explorer then canes the ford escape which most of the people consider it as a sister to ford explorer and this is because they shared most of the characteristics, but the difference with this is that it is fuel economical in that it consumes less fuel than the first explorer.