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The Best Holiday Destinations in Ecuador

If you ever have been to Ecuador you probably understand how it is one of the greatest destination that you have to make sure that you tell people to go. There is the need to see what an incredible destination it really is. To be able to enjoy your tour, it is important you look for a good person who have a better understanding of the different amazing destination. You need to make sure that you use your time well by having a person who will ensure that you get the most the country has. There is the need to ensure that you are able to move as many places during your stay in Ecuador as possible. You have to see that during your stay in Ecuador, you are able to visit several magnificent destination like the ones discussed below and many more.

One area you do not want to miss when in Ecuador is Mitad Del Mundo. Located 30 kilometers from the capital, the monument was erected in the area where it was believed the 0 degrees latitude meets the 0 degrees longitude. The builders of the monument were setting up the monument with the full knowledge that the center of the other is there but later it was discovered they missed with 200m. There is no perfect place where you will not only be able to be in the center of the earth but also you will be able to take photos for future references.

You also have to make sure that you fly to Galapagos. The Galapagos are eye-catching archipelago which is found in over a thousand kilometers off the coast. When here, you will be able to view several wildlife programs where you can take good photos. The beauty and the excitement will hit you once you step off the airport. You will be able to watch the iguanas, penguins, dolphins and more wildlife. One thing that you should not also forget is to walk on the lava field in Isabella island.

The other place you need not to miss is the Papallacta springs which are 67km east of the capital. The best view is when you are on the Andes mountains. A precautions to those who fear heights is that they should not stay near the bus windows. The spring’s temperatures vary from 30 degrees and 70. There are natural pools that are hot that you will not forget when you are back home. You need to also make sure that you feel the medicinal effects of bathing in these natural pools.

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